Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Building Testable Windows Phone Applications

Last year I worked with Patterns and Practices to develop a number of pieces of guidance concerning Windows Phone development. One of the items was Building Testable Windows Phone Applications.

This guidance shows you how to build testable Windows Phone applications that:

  • Consume location data
  • Perform navigation
  • Persist data to and from isolated storage
  • Consume sensor data
  • Use a chooser to take a photo

The guidance includes a series of accompanying sample applications. You can download these sample applications and run them on your own computer to see how they work, and to experiment and reuse the code. In addition, there is an accompanying NuGet package for the guidance. The Microsoft.Practices.Phone.Adapters.Source package contains interfaces, and adapter and facade implementations of the interfaces, which mirror functionality in several classes in the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK.

For more information, see Building Testable Windows Phone Applications.

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