Monday, 10 December 2012

Announcing Hilo JavaScript

Hilo is a Windows Store app I helped patterns & practices to develop earlier in the year. The app, originally developed using C++ and XAML, is an end-to-end app that demonstrates modern development practices for building Windows Store apps.

We’ve now finished redeveloping Hilo as a WinJS app. The app, along with the accompanying guidance documentation, demonstrates to Windows Store app developers how to:

  • Use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and the Windows Runtime to create a world-ready app for the global market.
  • Implement tiles, pages, controls, touch, navigation, file system queries, and suspend/resume.
  • Implement the Model-View-Presenter and query builder patterns.
  • Test your app and tune its performance.

Hilo JavaScript can be found on the Windows Dev Center here.

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