Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Prism for the Windows Runtime Course

Do you want to learn how to build Windows Store apps using Prism for the Windows Runtime, but don’t want to read all the reference documentation? If so then Brian Noyes has the solution for you. He’s authored a Pluralsight course from which you can learn:

  • How to separate your Pages into Views and ViewModels
  • How to integrate your Pages with the WinRT navigation system and application lifecycle of suspend/terminate/resume.
  • How to manage dependencies and communicate between loosely coupled components in your app.
  • How to validate user input, both on the client side and through service calls to a back end, and how to display validation errors to the user.
  • How to call Web API services and how to perform simple authentication and authorization of those services.
  • How to leverage WinRT platform features including the Search charm, Settings charm Flyouts, and live tiles.

The course is comprised of nine modules:

  1. Course overview
  2. Prism for Windows Runtime Overview
  3. Getting Started Building WinRT Apps with Prism
  4. Commands and Dependencies
  5. Navigation and Application Lifecycle State Management
  6. PubSubEvents and EventAggregator
  7. Validation
  8. Calling Web APIs
  9. Leveraging WinRT Platform Features

For more info about the course see Brian’s blog post on the topic. Interested in taking the course? Then see Building Windows Store Business Apps with Prism.

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