Friday, 1 November 2013

Second drop of Prism for the Windows Runtime for Windows 8.1

The second drop of Prism for the Windows Runtime, and the associated AdventureWorks Shopper reference implementation, can be found on codeplex. To compile the code you’ll need Windows 8.1 and Visual Studio 2013. Obviously the usual caveats apply to the download, as it’s not final released code yet.

Change Log

  • Applied the latest UX guidelines to all pages. In the Portrait view state content scrolls vertically.
  • Prism’s SettingsCharmActionItem class deprecated.
  • The GoBackCommand has moved into the VisualStateAwarePage class.
  • The custom AutoRotatingGridView control is used on the HubPage and CategoryPage.
  • Blend behaviors and actions have been used in the reference implementation:
    • The TopAppBarUserControl and the ShoppingCartTabUserControl use the EventTriggerBehavior and the NavigateToPageAction interaction.
    • The HubgPage, CategoryPage, GroupDetailPage, and the SearchResultsPage use the EventTriggerBehavior and the NavigateWithEventArgsToPageAction custom interaction. The NavigateWithEventArgsToPageAction custom interaction replaces the ListViewItemClickedToAction attached behavior, which is now deprecated.
    • The GroupDetailPage and the SearchResultsPage use the IncrementalUpdateBehaviour.


  1. So what replaces SettingsCharmActionItem??

    1. See

    2. Thanks, David, I'll check that out. Do you know when Prism for WinRT will be ported to Universal apps for phone/win? I can add the Nuget package to the Windows side of my universal app, but not the phone side, though I can add the dll to phone manually. Don't know how safe that is at this point. I suspect the platform differences would require at least the phone side to be reworked.

      How close am I?

    3. Work on Prism for Windows Phone should start this month.