Thursday, 26 May 2016

Xamarin.Forms Behaviors: New Actions

My Behaviors Library for Xamarin.Forms is a PCL I’ve created that can be consumed by Xamarin.Forms applications, and can be downloaded from GitHub and NuGet. The library has the notion of behaviors and actions. A behavior is attached to a control and listens for something to happen, such as an event firing. When the “something” happens, it triggers one or more actions, such as invoking a method or command. Actions are invoked by behaviors and executed on a selected control.

I’ve recently added a number of new actions to the library, to support animations. The actions are:

  • FadeAction
  • RotateAction
  • ScaleAction
  • TranslateAction

The advantage of using these actions is that it’s possible to invoke animation through XAML, rather than having to use C#. In addition, when combined with behaviors, compound animations can easily be invoked through XAML when a behavior occurs, such as an event firing, or a piece of data changing.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for details of how to consume these actions.