Wednesday, 3 July 2019

What’s new in CollectionView in Xamarin.Forms 4.1

Xamarin.Forms 4.1 was released on Monday, and as well as new functionality such as CheckBox, it includes a number of updates to CollectionView. The main CollectionView updates are outlined below.

Item Spacing

By default, each item in a CollectionView lacks empty space around it. This can now be changed by setting properties on the items layout used by the CollectionView.

For a ListItemsLayout, set the ItemSpacing property to a double that represents the empty space around each item. For a GridItemsLayout, set the VerticalItemSpacing and HorizontalItemSpacing properties to double values that represent the empty space vertically and horizontally around each item.

For more info, see Item spacing.

Specifying Layout

The static VerticalList and HorizontalList members in the ListItemsLayout class have been renamed to Vertical and Horizontal.

In addition, CollectionView has gained some converters so that vertical and horizontal lists can be specified in XAML using strings, rather than static members:

<CollectionView ItemsSource="{Binding Monkeys}" ItemsLayout="HorizontalList" />

For more info, see CollectionView Layout.

Item Sizing Strategy

The ItemSizingStrategy enumeration is now implemented on Android. For more info, see Item sizing.

SelectedItem and SelectedItems

The SelectedItem property now uses a TwoWay binding by default, and the selection can be cleared by setting the property, or the object it binds to, to null.

The SelectedItems property now uses a OneWay binding by default, and is now bindable to view model properties. However, note that this property is defined as IList<object>, and must bind to a collection that implements IList, and that has an object generic type. Therefore, the bound collection should be, for example, ObservableCollection<object> rather than ObservableCollection<Monkey>. In addition, selections can be cleared by setting this property, of the collection it binds to, to null.

For more info, see CollectionView Selection.

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